getting paid

Online Timesheets:

We hope to make “Getting Paid” a seamless transaction for you each week. The following process will ensure the effortless receipt of your weekly paycheck:

  • Go Online to:
  • For instructions on how to log your time and submit for approval
  • You will also be emailed login information at the start of an assignment
  • Friday is payday. This will compensate you for all hours worked through the previous Sunday.
  • Effective January 2010, we have moved to Mandatory Direct Deposit as our only form of payment for our consultants. Cre8buzz has taken this action because we were reissuing many checks due to postal error and lost or misplaced checks. In addition, it is the most efficient and fastest way for you to get your pay. If you do not wish to participate in Direct Deposit, we will hold your paycheck for pick up at our office. If you do not have a bank account, We are pleased to refer you to Webster Bank. Please contact John Lindgren at (203) 299-5680 to start a relationship with them.
  • Your funds will automatically be deposited in your designated bank account on payday. To initiate direct deposit, just mail or fax to us a copy of a voided check from your bank account.
  • When you have arranged for direct deposit with our accounting department your earnings will be wired directly into your account on Friday. Your pay stub is available by following these quick and easy steps:
    • For cre8buzz go to:
    • If you haven’t been here before, click the option “No, I need to setup my password or reset my password.” To get your password, follow the onscreen directions.
    • Log in with your Last Name and Password.
    • Your most recent paystub information will be automatically loaded. To view your actual paystub, click on “$ Pay History” button at the top left.
    • Use the list “View:” above your paystub image to look at a previous payroll.
    • If you wish to receive a text message or email when your new statement is ready, click on “Edit Account” at the top right , then choose the “Notifications” tab and fill in the required information.
    • If you wish to reset your password, click on “Edit Account” at the top right , then choose the “Reset Password” tab and fill in the required information. Be sure to provide an email when signing up, otherwise you will not be able to reset your password.
    • We do not mail weekly paystubs to you. Therefore, you are responsible to check your weekly paystub at the website address listed above. If you have any questions or issues please email our payroll department at [email protected]
Be aware of email notifications or postings on our McIntyre website ( Click here for news section ). These will notify you of policy or procedural changes, payroll deadline and scheduling changes due to holidays, or provide you with information about special events and McIntyre news.

Payroll Challenges/Issues:

We make every effort to make our payroll process a seamless function. However, there are some circumstances which may prevent you from receiving your paycheck on time.

  • Unsubmitted Online Timesheet – Your direct supervisor must approve your online timesheet. It is your responsibility to have your online timesheet approved by an authorized representative of the company at which you worked.
  • Untimely Online Timesheets – Online timesheets are due by Monday at 5pm. Onlne timesheets received after this time will not be processed by our payroll department until the following week.
  • Online Timesheets Not Approved – If you neglect to have your online timesheet approved, we will be unable to process your paycheck and will only be able to release a paycheck once you have submitted a properly approved online timesheet.
Tax Forms: Please note the following changes to the I-9 process:
  • Form I-766 (Employment Authorization Document), although not listed on the 11/21/91 version of the Form I-9, is an acceptable List A document #10.
  • Form I-151, is no longer an acceptable List A document #5. However, Form I-551 remains an acceptable List A document #5.
  • The following documents have been removed from the list of acceptable identity and work authorization documents: Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (List A #2), Certificate of Naturalization (List A #3), Unexpired Reentry Permit (List A #8), and Unexpired Refugee Travel Document (List A #9)