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June 5, 2014
On the Hunt: College Portfolio Reviews
by Jaime Laufer

As a creative recruiter, I am constantly on the hunt for new designers. May is one of the most exciting times for me because I am able to attend the area’s top student portfolio reviews. I love a design student’s passion for visual beauty, form and balance and their appreciation of process, researching and sketching. I love how the pages of their portfolios are filled with bold design juxtaposed with the thoughtful usage of negative space. These recent grads are digitally savvy, hungry to please and yet to be jaded by years of “creative red tape”.

Last month, my team and I had the chance to attend six local portfolio reviews. It was a busy week filled with handshakes, presentations and dialogue. The students were excited to graduate and even more proud of the work that they produced.

Cre8buzz looks forward to working with this new talent and introducing them to our clients!