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May 29, 2014
Tip of the Week: I Quit!
This week’s tip is clear and simple… don’t quit your job in a text. No matter what the reason, you should always resign from a job in person and give proper notice. Talk to your manager in person to let them know a general reason for your resignation. Also provide a letter of resignation (Sample provided below). You never know when you may need something from them in the future, including a reference.


Subject: Resignation

Dear ____________

This is to inform you that I am today submitting my resignation of employment, which will become effective Wednesday, Month 1, 2014.

I appreciate all that (Company Name) and you, as my Manager, have afforded me, but after careful consideration I have decided to pursue a new opportunity. I sincerely believe that this is in the best interest of myself and my future. I hope you respect my decision, which has been made after careful and deliberate consideration

I wish the best for you and (Company Name) in the future. I assure you my remaining days at (Company Name) will be used to organize the continuance of my current responsibilities in my absence.